The Bobby Colleran Trust was officially registered as a charity in September 2015 following the fatal accident of Bobby Colleran age 6 on 24th October 2014.

Bobby was on his way home from school walking along his school road with his mum Joanne when he was knocked over & killed.

Since Bobby’s accident, his family have campaigned for safer roads outside all schools, they have been supported by the people of Liverpool & England as all parents, teachers & people, in general, are aware of how dangerous our school runs are & all fear for our children’s safety.

Bobby was a beautiful little boy full of fun & mischief & was very mature for his age. He was the second child of David & Joanne Colleran and had 3 brothers, Harry his older brother and his younger twin brothers Frankie & Georgie. Bobby was educated on Road safety and had never crossed a road before his accident without an adult, this is why his family work so hard to promote road safety as this could happen again to any child.



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