What We Do

The Bobby Colleran Trust works hard to encourage and promote better road safety awareness for children, parents and schools, to help prevent future tragedies like Bobby’s. It is paramount that people are educated in road dangers, which is why we collaborate with communities throughout Liverpool, to encourage children and their families to feel confident and safe when travelling to school, and encourage families to walk and cycle to school, without the fear of accidents. Together we can keep our children safe.

After a long campaign with Liverpool city council, The Bobby Colleran Trust successful in getting many changes made on Leyfield Road to improve the safety outside Bobby’s school -Blackmoor Park Infants & Junior, School. The changes that that were made to Leyfield road include guardrails, two flashing speed cameras, two pelican crossings with raised speed bumps and posts at the end of side roads to stop people parking unsafely. The have proven to be very successful in making the road safer.

As a trust we have grown and developed our services as we have grown and developed as a charity. We are now able to offer a variety of services. These include support with Bobby Zones, school assemblies on Road Safety for Children, Advice and support for schools to obtain relevant safety measures, using our newly created safety checklist. Free Hi Viz vests for school children, bereavement support for children, as well as donations to organisations helping us to promote Road safety and The Bobby Colleran Trust aims and objectives.


What is a Bobby Zone?

  • Maximum speed limit 20 mph – slower depending on amount of children around
  • Do not stop within zone
  • Do not drop off within zone or pick up even if line of traffic stops
  • Do not park on pavements or half on pavements within zone – this can force pedestrians onto the road or distract other drivers
  • Be extra vigilant children can be impulsive.
  • Do not park in side streets blocking the walk way for children to cross side roads



We can support schools to access the relevant information and support to implement Bobby Zones outside of their schools. Bobbys trust teamed up with Radio city in October 2016 to implement BOBBY ZONES outside all Liverpool primary schools. This has been hugely successful & now the trust are trying to have BOBBY ZONES outside all schools in the UK, Stephen Twigg (Local MP for West Derby) is in the process of taking this to parliament.

 If you would a Bobby Zone outside your school or would like more information please contact us by emailing; Thebobbycollerantrustfund@outlook.com


Assemblies in Schools

In September 2016, the Bobby Colleran Trust launched their first book ‘Super Bob’ written by local author Jude Lennon. Jude works with the trust to provide interactive, fun and educational assemblies to Primary schools across the North West. ‘Super Bob’ has been a great tool to deliver key messages to children about Road safety.

After the success of ‘Super Bob’, we decided to launch a competition across schools in Liverpool to name our 2nd road safety book all about how parents park and behave on school runs. The winners of that competition were Lister Drive Primary schools class 2W, with the fantastic title S.T.O.P – ‘Superbob Tells Off Parents’ This new book was launched in March 2017 and has great success within the schools we have worked in promoting better parent parking and behaviours around schools. We also now have a road safety poem book written by Mike Bartram to add to our great collection.


Since the launch of book one, Jude has visited hundreds of schools and spoken to nearly 60,000 children about staying safe on the roads.  The assemblies consist of a brief introduction to the Bobby Colleran Trust, key messages about keeping safe on the road, the importance of road safety for everyone, a reading of the book and a discussion about road safety. The assemblies are suitable for Reception to Year 6. Specific visits for Nurseries can also be arranged.


The assemblies feature a reading of the book and schools receive one free copy of the book at the end of the assembly. However, schools, parents etc can buy their own copies of the book directly from the trust as well (via the shop link on this website).

To book an assembly visit for you school, or for more information please email Jude at littlelamb.bobbycollerantrust@outlook.com


High visibility vests  

We are able to support your school in a variety of ways. Free Hi-Viz vests are available through Bobby’s trust. Since November 2015 over 15k hi-viz vests have been given to school children & schools. In 2017 alone we gave out 4k vests by January. The vests make children more visible going to & from school in the winter months but also keep children safe when going out on school trips.

We offer opportunities for someone to come and give a talk on Road safety to parents, to educate them and the ways in which we can work together with your school to promote the highest levels of safety measures to keep your children safe.

If you would like Hi Viz vests for your school, or more information please contact us at Thebobbycollerantrustfund@outlook.com


Bereavement support services

The death of Bobby has had a profound effect on Joanne and David (Bobby’s parents) and his three brothers, Harry, Frankie and Georgie. The family found that Child Bereavement Support Counselling was significant in helping the children to better understand their loss and grief and to develop coping strategies to manage anxieties and fears and sadness. The positive outcome of the counselling provided resulted in the Trust establishing a Children’s Bereavement counselling Service in April of this year 2018.

In partnership with Aquarius Counselling the Bobby Colleran Trust is providing support for grieving children and young people aged 5 to 19 years living or attending schools in the Liverpool, Huyton, Knowsley, and Sefton areas of Merseyside. The Counselling team led by an experienced qualified children’s counsellor provide their therapy in creative ways, often spontaneous, involving artwork, music, role play, storytelling and dance in addition to talk therapy.

Our Bereavement Support provides:-

  • One to one work in schools, Children Centre’s, and other local Child and Young People’s facilities.
  • Loss and grief support is provided in both primary and secondary schools from reception to year 12.
  • Family workgroups for Parent / Guardian/carers related to bereavement, loss and separation are facilitated.
  • Family bereavement and loss support/therapy plays a valuable role in supporting children and young people in their bereavement and grief.

Please see our Bereavement Support page for further information on referring a child, or alternatively please email at aquarius.bobbycollerantrust@outlook.com




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