Bereavement Support

The Bobby Colleran Trust – Children and Young People’s Bereavement Counselling Service


In October 2014 following the death of 6 year old Bobby Colleran in a tragic road accident The Bobby Colleran Trust was established. Primarily the trust was set-up to bring awareness of ‘Road Safety’ to drivers, parents and children and ultimately help to prevent further loss of life in the vicinity of schools and other busy roads in and around the Liverpool area. The death of Bobby has had a profound effect on Joanne and David (Bobby’s parents) and his three brothers, Harry, Frankie and Georgie.

The family found that Child Bereavement Support Counselling was significant in helping the children to better understand their loss and grief and to develop coping strategies to manage anxieties and fears and sadness. Ultimately to find the ability to re-invest in home, school, friends, and football (the boys are all great footballers) and the potential for fun life has to offer. The positive outcome of the counselling provided resulted in the Trust establishing a Children’s Bereavement counselling Service in April of this year 2018.

The Bobby Colleran Trust is providing support for grieving children and young people aged 5 to 19 years living or attending schools in the Liverpool, Huyton, Knowsley, and Sefton areas of Merseyside.

Our Bereavement Support provides:-

  • One to one work in schools, Children Centre’s, and other local Child and Young People’s facilities.
  • Loss and grief support is provided in both primary and secondary schools from reception to year 12.
  • Family workgroups for Parent / Guardian/Carers related to bereavement, loss and separation are facilitated.
  • Family bereavement and loss support/therapy plays a valuable role in supporting children and young people in their bereavement and grief.

What we do:

The Counselling Team led by an experienced qualified children’s counsellor provide their therapy in creative ways, often spontaneous, involving artwork, music, role play, storytelling and dance in addition to talk therapy.

Who we help:

Children and young people referred to The Bobby Colleran Bereavement Support Counselling will be bereaved of a parent, sibling, grandparent, friend, aunt, uncle or other significant loved one. A high percentage of the children and young people suffering bereavement in Liverpool and the surrounding area’s will be as a result of a  road traffic accident, cancer, heart disease, illnesses related to  alcohol and drug dependencies, suicide. These are just some of the causes of loss that the families and children we are supporting and working with, are endeavoring to come to overcome. As a charity we are committed to working with the children and young people of Liverpool and Merseyside area’s in a way that will bring about positive outcomes.

Our Commitment:

To provide bereavement support to the children and young people of Liverpool and surrounding area’s enabling them to

To invest in the future with Hope and Confidence and a belief in themselves as an individual and an important member of society’.

Referral Process:

To make a referral please email requesting one of the following:

  • A referral pack – on completion the pack should be emailed back to the service. (Children aged 16 years and over can self-refer).
  • A call back – We will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours during working hours, (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays)


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